A Bit About Myself…

28/02/2010 § 1 Comment

Indian. Which, for those who do not know, means that Liverpool fans are as rare as Fernando Torres himself. We exist, but sparingly so, on the fringes of the already marginalized football-watching  society, harried around by the throngs of pretender Man-yoo fans.

But quite frankly, I don’t even remember where and why my love for Liverpool started. I think it was 2002, but I could even be wrong. I only remember that Michael Owen and Danny Murphy played for the team at the time, and Steven Gerrard was no big deal. But I like to think that the fact that i don’t even know where I fell in love makes it all the more special for me. You know those love stories that go… “somewhere… over time… I fell in love”. Yeah. Something like that.

And being one of those guys who loves having and sharing an opinion, whether or not the others listen, blogging is one of the best ways to document my love for the club which I love, for reasons I don’t remember. Sure, we’ve won a few trophies less than Manyoo, and don’t have the fancy style of Arsenal or the fancy money of Chelsea or that other upwardly mobile Manchester club, but then there is really no such thing as the ‘perfect love’. We all have our flaws and we learn to love despite those. And if the flaws get rectified, and Liverpool do win the Premiership next season… well, here’s to hoping.




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  • fergal says:

    once upon a time we did have the fancy style arjun…twas called pass and move , it was the liverpool groove. ive supported the reds a good 12 or so years longer than yourself but i enjoy your insightful and entertaining musings..


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