Barclays Premier League: Liverpool 4-1 Portsmouth

17/03/2010 § Leave a comment

It was a day of revelations as two of the most riled Liverpool players came out, all guns blazing, so to speak and blast those Liverpool-hating reporters at Daily Mail who had the bollocks to doubt their natural talents. The Liverpool haters there are currently cooling their heels at Liverpool’s red hot performance and bitching about Gerrard’s sneaky snipe at the Portsmouth speaker.

But it was truly one of the best performances of the season this one. Pure beautiful football, at least from the point of a Liverpool fan and it is here that I would like to stress on the importance of Alberto Aquilani to the current Liverpool set up.

If there was a man who was ever ‘all over the place’ the phrase was made his own by the much maligned Italian midfielder. He was sublime with his passing and great with his little touches. Perhaps I’m lavishing the Italian with too much praise, but in a season where things have spiraled so horribly out of control, you must excuse me and let me savor the moments.

It was a great performance overall really. Aquilani lent the game something that Lucas just doesn’t. Suddenly Liverpool were bombimg forward. Babel was perhaps a little too confined on the wing, but he took his chance with a good bit of skill.

The overall improvement in play can also be attributed to one Glen Johnson, who really put his foot on the pedal for this one. He drove forward like only he can as Agger and Carragher marshaled the center of the defense with consummate ease.

Good game overall. More of it coming hopefully!



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