Barclays Premier League: Liverpool FC 3-0 Sunderland

30/03/2010 § Leave a comment

Right, so clearly we went into this one with half our mind on exacting revenge on those buggers that needed a the intervention of the divine beachball to beat us last time around.

But this time there was no beachball to save the Mackems Sunderland had to play with the regulation 11 men with only Bent and Campbell up front.

The game started with some wisecracks from Frazier Campbell who apparently played for Man You before they decided to offload him. Campbell said something pretty ridiculous about how he like Man You and he’d love to beat Liverpool.

Petty rants.

Rafael Benitez, this time uncharacteristically enough decided to use the good sense he’s blessed with and left Lucas on the bench. He started with the classic 4-4-2 with Gerrard cosying up beautifully at the heart of the pitch like only he can hoping to make some telling runs and passing it into Torres and Kuyt who were the forwards for this one. Rubbing shoulders with Gerrard would be Javier Mascherano looking to get under the skin of the meager attacking threatswhich Sunderland provided. On the right was our new acquisition Maxi who seems to have really put a charm on Rafa Benitez and Babel on the left, whose thirty yard screamers have come to be hated by goal posts all over Europe. Back four unchanged because there is really no reason to.

So Liverpool burst into the game pretty early and Torres showed somewhere around the 3rd minute why the oil rich sheikhs are after his blood. He received a long ball and was caught a bit more to the left to his liking, but a little twiddle-twaddle and a little sidefoot later, Torres took a shot with the goodfoot that was so good that the Sunderland keeper was clutching thin air while the ball safely and surely went into the far top corner. 1-0.

The second goal was typically a Glen Johnson piece of work as the dashing right sided wingback came dashing through the wing into the center like only he does and picking up a corner from Steven Gerrard, took a shot which deflected off some Sunderland defender into the Sunderland goal which made their goalkeeper look almost as silly as Pepe Reina did on that afternoon in October. Happy days are here again. 2-0 before half time.

The first half was a terrific one mind you. Don’t let the score line mislead you. Daniel Agger could have had a hat trick and so could have Torres. Agger took a couple of cheeky enough shots which proved what a bloody terrific player he is. Underrated, I’d call him. He is definitely one of the most assured defenders in there, one that does not panic in tense situations. There will be times that ol’ Carragher might quiver and baulk, but the big, young Dane surely won’t compromise. No Sir.

And then came another moment of good work. As Johnson was now happily snuggling into a central midfield position there made a pretty neat pass which kissed Torres’ feet before oblinging his divine command and shooting itself into the goal unstopped. 3-0 and it was a wrap!

Aquilani was toddled around the pitch later in the game and basically gave Rafael Benitez another reason why he should be picked instead of Lucas. Nabil El Zhar came on as well and enjoyed the use of his legs again, although it would seem to be pointless exercise and woefully late to make an impact as such. N’Gog proves that he has a long, LONG way to go.

But it comes to show what a good side Liverpool are when everyone is played in the correct positions. But knowing Benitez, Lucas will start the next one. Can we save ourselves from ourselves?!



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