David Villa Warns Liverpool FC; Boy Am I Scared. *sigh*

02/08/2010 § Leave a comment

David Villa finally proved himself to be a true blood Barcelona player by rubbing his nose in where it isn’t always welcome. Barcelona players have been doing this shameless verbal arm-twisting with numerous clubs and players over the past few years and David Villa, their newest signing proved himself capable of dissing rival clubs with remarkable efficiency by registering his ‘surprise’ at Fernando Torres choosing to stay at Liverpool when all evidence available suggest that he ought to jump ship and travel southwards to Chelsea instead.

Now sure they may be the world champions and the best exponents of the much celebrated tiki-taka football – which basically means that Xavi will make 1078 meaningless passes before he does the smart thing and gives it to Messi/Villa (depending on which team we’re talking about) – but surely that does not confer upon the Spaniards the right to pass seemingly candid judgments about where they believe their presently non Barcelona affiliates ought to run around? Xavi, Pique and recently Carles Puyol have been incessantly riling Arsenal about their captain Cesc Fabregas and been trying to exercise public sympathy for his predicament right from claiming that the Catalan blood runs through his veins up to comparing his perfectly legal contractual agreement with Arsenal to modern slavery or some such. David Villa on the other hand has taken a to a slightly different target in a completely different club and somewhat a different proposition for improving his flagging decision making skills.

So according to David Villa and his annoying soul-patch, Fernando Torres should go to Chelsea and win some trophies. Torres staying at Liverpool FC sounds ridiculous to the Spanish masterstroke. Clearly, in his mind, winning trophies with rich ostentatious clubs is closer to his heart than mundane things such as loyalty, respect and love for the club. Chelsea of course being the club that he himself deemed to lowly to go to when compared with the glorious half of the two horse race that runs in Spain. What he basically wanted to say was, “Don’t come here and give me trouble claiming my spot in this glorious bountiful Catalan team young Torres. Go to some other club that wins at least one trophy every year. Don’t bother yourself with the big boys like the brotherhood of Barcelona. Stay in the Premier League join their half successful club where the Blaugrana will never be bothered with your dazzling runs and your brilliant stop-and-run brilliance and threat in front of goal.”

God, how I hate Barcelona. That dastardly holier than thou attitude. Their mes que un club proclamation. Them and their UNICEF sponsorship for free; another little something which tries to position them as a cut above the rest. Unfortunately they do not realize that all this nose poking in the wrong direction is only spoiling their image in the eyes of the neutrals. Its time they put their noses where it needs to be put (on their own faces) and try to come up with a way to checkmate their newest adversary recruited by Real Madrid to knock them off their effing perch.


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