Chelsea vs Liverpool: Preview

05/02/2011 § Leave a comment

The special thing about Liverpool Football Club is that it continues to go through a see-sawing of fortunes. Just when we were riding on our greatest wave in the 80s, our coach Kenny Dalglish quit and the club started its seemingly unrecoverable slide downward. When we thought we have reached the most ignominious, Rafael Benitez came and helped us dream. Just when we were on the cusp of Premier League Championship, the same Benitez rocked our boat violently. And finally, when all hope seem lost with the last remaining vestige of Rafael Benitez’ great lineage sold, Liverpool may still be back on track. The old saviour is upon us, watching our every move, inspiring us and whispering softly into our ears as we sleep unsoundly, that there is still hope. There is still a chance that our old glories might still be restored.

The weekend is upon us and Dalglish faces the biggest challenge of his second coming since that disaster against United. Chelsea, once again rejuvenated by the petrobucks of their doting owner host us on Sunday. After a few years of financial dormancy where Abrahamovic claimed that Chelsea would now follow the more sound, future-focused policy that Arsenal have more or less patented, the main man is back in the frame and within 2 days splashed out somewhere around 75 of his many millions to procure a striker and a defender – two aspects of his squad which he identified as apparent weaknesses. And yet one cannot help but wonder his huge outlay might actually yield any substantial results. But well, the Russian oligarch has bought Premier League trophies in the past, so one cannot write Chelsea off.

Jamie Carragher is expected to make a comeback in this game and will most probably slot himself straight at the heart of the defence. And well, with him not particularly happy with Torres jumping off at the first instance, the two will make for an interesting battle. It will also be interesting to see which formation Kenny Dalglish opts for, what with him having being pretty experimental over the last couple of matches. But one thing is for sure. We’ve been politically correct for a while now since Torres left, and I guess the players are waiting to do their talking on the pitch. Torres leaving has hurt everyone at the club – the players, the coach and the supporters – and I’m sure that everyone will be waiting to get back at him with a vengeance and prove to him that he made a poor call going the mercenary way.


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